Air Bikes

AIR650 Airbike Pro

  • Smooth, unlimited air resistance
  • Industrial grade chain drive system
  • Performance monitor LCD display
  • Fully adjustable
$999.99 $1399.99
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AIR650 Air Bike

Tremendous Range of Workout Solutions

The XTERRA Fitness AIR650 Air Bike Pro offers a tremendous range of workout solutions – the unlimited range of air resistance provides low resistance at slow speeds to high resistance at fast speeds. Simply put, it increases resistance the harder you work, so it’s great for everyone. Few other full body workouts are as low impact, easy to use, and burn so many calories in such a small compact design. It was built to last with industrial grade chain drive system that operates as a fixed gear and 9 heavy duty steel fan blades are completely enclosed in a 27” wire steel fan housing for added durability and reliability. Performance monitor LCD display is easy to read with all your necessary information plus with direct program buttons including Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Target HR, Interval 20-10, Interval 10-20 and Interval Custom this console was designed for efficiency and effectiveness. An comfort molded seat, ergonomic handlebars, wide low-profile pedals and large foot pegs provide users with unparalleled comfort so they can push themselves longer. Whether you are looking to rehab an injury, shake up your WOD (workout of the day), or cross-train for your next race, the XTERRA Fitness AIR650 Air Bike Pro has you covered.


Resistance Resistance Unlimited
Flywheel Fan 9 Steel Blades
Display Display 6.6"

Fan Blades

9 heavy duty steel fan blades are completely enclosed in a 27” wire steel fan housing – added benefit is the fan keeps you cool during workouts.

Built to Last

Industrial grade chain drive system operates as a fixed gear (direct drive) and is extremely durable and reliable.

Industry-Leading Warranty Coverage

  •   Lifetime frame
  •   1 year parts
  •   1 year in-home labor

Simple Yet
Effective Interface

Performance monitor LCD display is easy to read with all your necessary information - RPM, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Watt, Interval Prompt, and Heart Rate. Chest strap transmitter (not included) is required for heart rate display to function.

Direct Program Buttons

Include Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Target HR, Interval 20-10, Interval 10-20, and Interval Custom.

Heart Rate Transmitter

Built-in heart rate receiver to monitor your heart rate and keep you in the zone. Chest strap sold separately.


Adjustable Padded Seat

Performance designed seat enables maximum exercise mobility while still providing support and comfort.

Multi-position Handlebars

Ergonomic handlebars are designed with multiple padded grip options and are built to take the most intense upper body workouts.

Workout Variety

Large foot pegs are knurled for better grip, allows user to rest their feet during targeted upper-body workouts.


Built with Many
Athletes in Mind

Heavy-duty steel frame is extremely stable and has a weight limit of 350 lbs.

Designed for all Spaces

Large transport wheels allow for easy transport plus with no outlet needed this bike can go anywhere.

for Every Level

Smooth, unlimited air resistance provides low resistance at slow speeds and high resistance at fast speeds – user controlled and great for anything from rehab to high intensity interval training.


  1. R

    I bought off of and even though I paid 1200$ vs the $899 here, I got a payment plan which was the deal breaker for me.

    Onto the Bike:

    I have used it almost for 2 hours daily for 2 weeks now. It rocks. It is legit. It is hardcore. It is what you make of it. Push hard or push soft.

    I sweat hardcore after I begin warming up. I hit a certain point and I just start pouring sweat.

    Add a little "PREGYM preworkout" and you're in for a war.

    Get this bike it will hurt you good.

  2. A
    Kicks my butt

    Noticed right away building this that it was really well made and heavy! Don't need to plug it in so I can wheel it in front of the TV during my workout, then back in the corner when I'm done. First few workouts I was sore everywhere - haha, now starting to push it harder. I really like that the console is easy to use. Handlebars give you several places to grab and seat is adjustable for any size person (my wife is tiny) - well done!

  3. C
    C & K
    Very Nice!

    Looks great, tough workout, well made. Perfect for when we crosstrain. Love it!

  4. D
    Great Workout

    The box was beat up when it arrived, but the packaging inside was good and everything was in good shape. It went together pretty easily. I use this primarily for interval training and it's an amazing workout. About 10 workouts in so far and no problems. Being able to adjust the seat forward and back is really nice when I want to get into a better position to just push/pull on the arms with my feet on the stationary foot pegs. Only gripe is that I wish it had a water bottle holder, but I just put my water bottle on a table next to me.

  5. J
    Easy Setup, Definitely Recommend

    Very happy with it so far, only had it for about 2 weeks. Good packaging and went together pretty easily, took me about 45 minutes start to finish. Very solid feel and blows wind like crazy, which helps keep me cool. I weigh just over 200 and I'm pretty muscular - I have been really pushing this thing hard and it takes it in stride. I would purchase again.

  6. T
    Love It!

    My husband and I have been doing CrossFit style workouts at home and wanted something like this which we use in the gym sometimes. Really impressed with the overall quality, better than the one at the gym for sure. It is really solid and the programs are just like the ones on the gym model. Love the white color!

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  • Power Source: 4 AA Batteries (Included)
  • Flywheel Diameter: 27"
  • 3 Piece Crank Arm
  • Fan Resistance
  • Infinite Levels of Resistance
  • Display: LCD No Color / Backlight
  • Display Size: 2.75" x 6" ( 6.6" diag.)
  • Programs: 6 Preset, 1 Custom
  • Set-Up Dimension: 48" L x 28" W x 54.5" H
  • Shipping Dimension: 52" L x 13" W x 37" H
  • Product Weight: 115 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 128 lb
  • Max User Weight Capacity: 350 lb
  • High-density Foam Seat
  • Up/Down/Fore/Aft Seat Adjustments
  • Seat to Pedal Distance: 25.99" to 34.76"
  • Heart Rate Transmitter
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Lifetime Frame
  • 1 Year Parts
  • 1 Year In Home Labor